Allies and Enemies


Any type of monster, animal, or vermin that can be found in a warm or hot environment could conceivably be found in the Weird West. There are plains, deserts, mountains, marshes, forests, hills, and aquatic environments in the setting, but they, at minimum, temperate climates (mountains and coast). Monsters with a CR over 10 are extremely rare, though they do exist. Most dangers come from animals, vermin, and magical beasts, though monsters of just about any type may be found here.

Monsters found on planes other than the Material, Etherworld, or Shadowlands are not found in the Weird West, but may have counterparts. For example, there are no demons, devils, angels, or archons, but these could be represented by fiendish creatures, shadows, ghosts, and incarnate creatures.

Undead exist, thanks to the energy leeched from the Etherworld and Shadowlands. Creating and controlling undead is normally viewed as blasphemous. The dusklings are an exception to this rule, as they see using undead as just another application of shadow magic. Ancestor worship is not normally considered necromancy, because while it entails interaction with the undead, it represents no attempt to create or control them.

There is a single dragon found in the Weird West setting – a blue. He has staked out this country as his own territory, and no other dragons interfere. He appears only rarely, and is a high-CR threat.

The Law

Sheriff Hank Savage: Savage is sharp with his tongue and quick with his gun. He is witty and takes no guff from anyone. Luckstruck Halfling Gunslinger 5.

Deputy Sheriff Mel’tan’ach’tesh (“Maestro”): Maestro is a fairly easygoing guy, for a drake. He’s very good with people, able to talk them out of bad situations. He’s capable but not exceptional in combat, playing more a “moral support” kind of role in addition to being a deft negotiator. Carries a rifle but more inclined to make use of his breath weapon. He enjoys the authority of his position, and hopes to one day soon be promoted to sheriff or marshal. Spellscale Drake Bard 3/Marshal 1.

Sheriff Maerk Flintlock: Maerk is a gruff, no-nonsense sheriff, following the letter of the law and with no time for troublemakers. He carries a dwarven gun-axe, and isn’t shy about brandishing it in firefights, close combat, or just as a tool of intimidation. Deurgar Dwarf Fighter 2/Factotum 3.

Deputy Sheriff Jack Woods: Uncommon for a lawman, Woods uses a greatsword, neglecting the use of firearms in all but the most extreme necessity. He is a lover of combat “the old-fashioned way.” Human Warblade 5.

Marshal Johann Duke: Marshal Duke is a fair-minded and just man. He is firm in his judgements, but always willing to grant the benefit of a doubt. He carries a very large silvered revolver and a long silvered sword. Lesser Aasimar Paladin 5/Marshal 1.


Brothers in Steel
The BIS are a group of Forged who have thrown off the shackles of servitude and turned against their makers. There are only half a dozen of them, but they keep on the move so as not to get pinned down. They rob caravans and such for the materials to keep themselves running. Their ultimate goal is the liberation of all Forged, and they can not accept that some Forged live alongside their masters, work for them willingly, and in cases even seem to worship them.

Redfist: The leader of the BIS, he is a Warforged whose left hand was crafted of inferior iron and has begun to rust. Cold and emotionless on the outside, he nevertheless has great compassion for other Forged, as well as great hatred for those who would keep them, in his opinion, as slaves. His only weapons are his own hands. War Forged Barbarian 5.

The Regal Gang
The Regal Gang is a miscellaneous band of thieves, murderers, and kidnappers who have turned to crime as an alternative to honest work. It consists of humans, dwarves, and halflings. They live in an outlaw camp that moves around so they are hard to pin down.

Rag’na’ros’pex (“Regal”): A drake with mostly black-tinted scales and an acid breath weapon, Rag finds leadership where he can – in this “rag-tag” group of bandits.

The Cult of the Dragon Below
Unknown to other races, there is a secret society or cult devoted to the Dragon Below, and the possibility of its awakening. Their schemes are insidious, secret, and complex. Those drakes who join must undergo an initiation, the exact details of which are unknown. They have no churches, meeting in secret at night.

Wyrm Kin’nal’tur’ing (“King”): King is the Wyrm of the Dragon Below cult – an honorific indicating their highest-ranking member of a brood (there is one higher rank, “Great Wyrm,” that is given to a drake who has authority over all broods. He is charming, sly, and manipulative, and has a mean streak a mile long.

The House
The House is a collection of 52 bandits, spies, thugs, and thieves, each given the designation of one card from a deck. The card indicates a member’s rank as determined by merit, loyalty, and authority. Each suit represents a different task or specialty. The Spades are made up of assassins, spies, and infiltrators; the Clubs are the muscle, thugs, and warriors; the Diamonds consist mainly of thieves; the Hearts are confidence men and seduction artists. The 53rd member of the gang is a mysterious figure with the designation of the Jester. The Jester’s motto is “The House always wins.” Many members of the House keep their affiliation secret, and may be members of other organizations, even the authorities.

The Jester: The Jester is the ruthless, tricky leader of the House. A mysterious, shadowy figure, he is rarely if ever seen, and even then is seen only in disguise. The Jester’s costumes are varied, but are usually some variation on a traditional court jester’s costume. For example, one macabre version is a black and red jester’s uniform with a skull mask under his hood. He is quick with a pistol, precise with a blade, and seems to even possess some supernatural skills and abilities. The Jester is fond of leaving playing cards marked with the Fool as calling cards. Often he assigns teams according to poker hands, and has a tendency to make these “dead man’s hands” – Jacks over Sevens, Jacks and Sevens, Jacks and Eights, and Aces and Eights (sometimes with a Five of Diamonds, Nine of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Clubs, or Queen of Hearts as the fifth card; also the Ace of Spades is sometimes replaced by the Ace of Diamonds and the Eight of Clubs sometimes replaced with the Eight of Hearts). Human Paragon Factotum 5/Master of Masks 6.


Spade’s Casino
Spade’s Casino is the largest and possibly most risky casino in the Weird West, located in the town of Last Chance. Owned and operated by the affable but ruthless Sylvester “Sly” Spade, it’s one of the biggest moneymakers in the whole frontier. Its influence is so ubiquitous, in fact, that chips from Spade’s Casino are used as the most common form of currency.

Sylvester Spade: Spade is a man who treats his employees well, has a good sense of customer service, and is generally easy to get along with. However, you don't make it to be the top business owner in a place like Last Chance without a bit of a mean streak. Competitors learn quickly that crossing "Sly" is a bad move.

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