There are only three known planes of the Weird West, and the dimensions of all three overlap. Objects in a place on one plane are in the same place on the other planes, albeit in a different nature. There are two exceptions to this rule: creatures on the planes do not overlap, and any object brought from one plane to another does not have its counterpart on the plane from which it came. Details of such objects may not be discernable on planes other than the Material Plane – for instance, it is difficult to read in the Etherworld or the Shadowlands.

The Material Plane
The Material Plane is the main setting for the action and adventure of the Weird West. This plane behaves consistently with natural laws as they are known to the citizens of the Weird West. Objects and creatures on this plane are generally physical in nature. Gravity and time flow here normally.

The Etherworld
The Etherworld, while it contains the same layout as the Material Plane, is hazy and indistinct. Light is ever-present, and appears to cast no shadows nor have any identifiable source. Colours here are light and muted, and objects do not have defined edges, instead seeming to fade or blend into one another. In fact, objects here are only a mirror of their counterparts on the Material Plane, and are therefore only partially physical. It is possible to move through these objects in the Etherworld at half speed. It is possible to hear sound from the Material Plane here, but it is muted and unintelligible.

Gravity in the Etherworld is lessened, such that visitors and natives can float, levitate, fly, and walk on air at will. Shadow, darkness, and negative energy spells are inhibited here to 50%, while healing, light, and positive energy spells are enhanced by 100%.

The Etherworld is the source for positive energy, and though the plane is unaligned, most creatures here are neutral, lawful, or good, rarely being chaotic or evil. This makes them no less frighteneing, however, and sometime malicious presences do manifest from this plane.

The Etherworld is home to ghosts, ancestor spirits, aasimars, celestial creatures, incarnate creatures, spectres, ethereal filchers and marauders, phase spiders, and will-o-wisps.

The Shadowlands
The Shadowlands is like the inverse of the Etherworld. Instead of ever-present light, this plane is cloaked in darkness, with only shades of black and grey to distinguish objects from one another. Like the Etherworld, however, you can pass through solid objects – in fact, it is even easier to do here, and you may do so at your full speed. There is no sound here from the other planes – all is quiet except the visitors.

Gravity in the Shadowlands is normal, but it is possible to travel much more quickly in the Shadowlands than on the other planes. Shadow, darkness, and negative energy spells are enhanced here by 100%, while healing, light, and positive energy spells are inhibited to 50%.

The Shadowlands is a source of negative energy, and though the plane is unaligned, most creatures here are neutral, chaotic, or evil, rarely being lawful or good.

The Shadowlands are home to allips, dark creatures, fiendish creatures, nightmares, nightshades, shadows, shadow mastiffs, shadow creatures, tieflings, and wraiths.

Interaction of the Planes
Both Ether and Shadowstuff can infiltrate the Material Plane. Creatures can cross through the boundaries, and the essence of each plane can inflict creatures and objects on the Material Plane, giving rise to Incarnate and Shadow creatures.

Crossing from the Material Plane to the Etherworld or Shadowlands is difficult, but can be done through magic rituals. Teleportation can be accomplished through the Shadowlands with its increased rate of travel, and connection to the Etherworld allows flight. Since plane-shifting magic is mostly out of reach for E6 characters, only special rituals and location of portals can allow travel between the planes.

Travel from the Etherworld to the Shadowlands and vice versa is not directly possible – the Material Plane must be used as a mediator.

Portals between the planes are located at various specific points around the Weird West, but they sometimes move. Locating these points can be difficult, but once identified can be used for planar travel.

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