For now, the Weird West will use the standard D&D 3.5 skill list.

In addition, the Iaijutsu Focus skill can be used for gun duels. Gunslingers gain Iaijutsu Focus as a class skill. Gun duels are deadly, and can be one-shot kills; therefore, they are used sparingly. Gun duels are normally only called for when one person has caused serious injury or personal offense to the other, or his family or close friends. To be successful in a gun duel, Quick Draw is very important, else you can not draw and shoot in the same round.

As a future project, I may incorporate a condensed skill list, bringing the list down even further than Pathfinder, but not quite so condensed as Mutants and Masterminds. There will be a total of 20-25 skills rather than the 40+ in the standard D&D system. I'm getting close to having this variant completed, and I'll probably port it into the Weird West when it's done.

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